Current Projects

Prior to the earthquake, the realisation that schooling children spend a huge amount of time in schools led us to focus on School Improvement Projects in order to benefit the community in a tangible and long-lasting way.

After the earthquake, the huge number of schools which have collapsed, damaged and are in need of repair and reconstruction, continue to compel us to focus on such School Reconstruction Projects. During the recce trips we saw numerous schools in state of ruin and students crammed in zinc-type temporary learning centres, which are not conducive for teaching and learning.

2015 Project Kalika – Completed the reconstruction of 3 Primary schools in Kalika VDC, Sindupalchowk and it is sponsored by the People of Singapore through the Singapore Red Cross Society.

2015-16 Project Nirman – Completed 2 classrooms in Thakuri Gaun Primary School.

2016-17 Project Methinkot – Completed 7 classrooms in Shree Krishna Lower Secondary School.

2017-19 Project Fulbari – Still working on the 8 classrooms in Janajagriti Primary School.

Should there be any volunteer groups keen to help in the funding of the rebuilding project, please write to directly for details.