Project Kalika

Project Kalika aims to support the recovery of the earthquake affected community by rebuilding 3 primary schools in Kalika VDC of Sindupalchowk which have been damaged or destroyed during the April 2015 earthquake.

Impact of the earthquake included widespread destruction of homes constructed using mud bonded brick and stone. Such construction has proven to be considerably vulnerable to natural disasters. Similarly the schools were built with similar materials and concept.

A total of 688 out of 691 homes were destroyed during the earthquake and the entire community is currently living in transitional CGI shelters built by another NGO. Though it is impossible to help rebuild every home, it is possible to bring the greatest benefit to the community through the rebuilding of community schools and 35% of the Kalika VDC population are below 20 years of age, which puts them in the category of the population of schooling and future schooling children. Delays in the rebuilding of permanent schools would hinder the future of these children.

We overcame many challenges faced in the project, such as the lengthy paper work, rallying the community support & hearing their needs, arranging the logistics for the supply of materials along off roads and up into these hilly area, the challenges of working in such terrain and heavy rains during the monsoon season and many more.

On August 21st, we finally celebrated the fruits of our labour with the inauguration of the schools by DEO Rudra Hari Bhandari at Kalika Primary School.Inauguration Ceremony GOH.jpg

With great pride, we congratulate our Director Mr. Wilson Shrestha (photo, below left) for executing this project so timely and successfully under his strong leadership and management. IMG_0054.jpg

It is also with heartfelt gratitude to Singapore Red Cross for the partnership, support and contributions from the People of Singapore. Together indeed, greater things can be achieved for the betterment of lives in the Nepalese village children.

Below is a simple slideshow documenting our work at Kalika Primary school.

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Below is a simple slideshow documenting our work at Bhumeswori Primary school.

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Below is a simple slideshow documenting our work at Saraswoti Primary school.

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