Future Projects

School Upgrading Project

We aim to help the village school by improving the toilet facilities. Currently the village school has two toilets which can no longer be used because of the lack of water. We hope to be able to build at least 4 more toilets for the school, complete with overflow and septic tank for hygienic sanitation purpose.

In addition, we want to provide a water supply for the school toilets by building a rainwater harvesting system. This would enable water collection during the rainy season and can be used for sometime when there is water shortage. However this too will not fully alleviate the water shortage problem as the river is quite a distance away from the school.

The village school consists of two small blocks of classroom and houses class 1 to class 4 students. The building of the school itself was the result of an NGO project and contributed by overseas volunteers. Although the interior of the school is sufficiently furnished but the outside compound has no facilities for the children except the bare ground for the kids to play. We hope to recruit sponsors and volunteers to help build a simple concrete playground where the children can play table tennis, have a mini soccer goal post or basketball hoop.

The love for reading and literacy programme can be built up through library and inculcating the love for books among children. We hope to be able to partner volunteers who would like to read to children or engage them in learning activities to inspire reading.


Sponsorship for Education of Underprivileged children

Education is important for the shaping of lives of children through knowledge and wisdom. With the opportunity for learning, acquiring skills and guidance in character development, a broadened mind – education may help one break the cycle of poverty allowing all children to grow up and have control over their destiny. Many children remain at home or the fields to help their families. Even if they may be bright enough and desire to continue their education in secondary, higher secondary or college level, most choose work over education because of poverty.