Project Salus

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” – Quotation by Mahatma Ghandi

Living Hope Nepal aims to bring positive change and create a healthier society by organising awareness programs in partnership with medical and healthcare teams.

This year a team from Ministry of Health Holdings Singapore (MOHH) conducted school programmes to teach practical first-aid skills  to students, teaching the little ones about oral hygiene and hand washing, nutrition and healthy eating as well and targeting awareness of effects of drugs, alcohol and  tobacco use among the older teenage students.

Poster competition on No-smoking, No-drinking and No-drugs campaign.
Teaching Primary 1 Students on Handwashing

For the community, health screening was conducted and many villagers who came with health problems relating to dietary habits, received counselling and advice from the nutrition specialising students. It is really surprising for some of the villagers to realise that their constipation or gastric problem could actually be a consequence of lack of vegetables in their diet, too much spicy foods and not drinking enough water. Instead of  relying on medication to control the symptoms, it is best to encourage them to pursue lifestyle or dietary changes in order to improve their own health.

Examining joint pains and teaching simple exercises to improve joint mobility

The physiotherapy, occupational therapy and podiatry specialising students helped to diagnose the possible causes of the aches and joint pain while teaching the older ladies to massage their aching joints and learn exercises to strengthen their bodies.

General health screening for diabetes and high blood pressure was also conducted for the community.

Checking blood pressure for villagers during the health screening

The healthcare students also learned more about the living conditions of the villagers and patients through home visitations.

Visiting an asthmatic patient in his home and teaching him the correct use of the inhaler.

Through this successful medical camp and health campaign, Living Hope Nepal hopes to partner with more teams to organise awareness programs on various issues of health and hygiene, using plays or rallies to target different age groups. Many villagers have also shared their need for dental clinics and eye camp through provide glasses.