Our Partners

Project Methinkot (YMCA 2017)

Led by Jiayun (YMCA volunteer leader) a small rugged band consisting of youths and elderly came to put the finishing touches on the new block of Shree Krishna Lower Secondary School. Together they painted the entire block inside out and joined in the Opening Ceremony of the New Block which also marks the end of our stint here in Methinkot.

Project Methinkot (ITE 2017)

A fun loving yet very hardworking team from ITE College East came to complete the inner plaster work of the new block in Shree Krishna Lower Secondary School. From teachers to students, they worked in unity and with such excellent attitude which impressed the local masons and students alike.IMG_0284


While they worked hard, they also visited villagers in their homes, taught in schools and participated in the rice-planting festival too!