Past Projects

Plant-a-Tree of Hope

In 2014, a team of 26 from ITE College East Singapore, planted an amazing total of 860 seedlings in the community land which will grow up in the next 2-3 years to become big masala or fruit trees. This not only allows the land to be reforested but it also produces fruit and useful products. They also helped the local orphanage by planting another 300 vegetable seedlings to provide cabbage for the children. Their labour of love touched the hearts of the community children and villagers as well as the orphanage kids.

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Gifts of Blessings

In 2013, We have distributed 1,200 shoe box gifts from Samaritan Purse Nepal to the poor and needy children in different villages in the Kavre district of Nepal. The children’s face lit up as they received the gifts packed in shoe boxes which included notebooks, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toys, stickers, letters and even cards from the donors.

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In 2014, We also helped to distribute 50 shoe box gifts to the children from poor families living in Lalitpur, Nepal.

Medical Clinic

In 2009, in partnership with a team of 9 doctors from Korea, medical camp was conducted for 6 in two different location in Bhakunde village. The needs of the village was great and in the 6 days, almost 600 people turned up to seek medical help and receive free medicine which they could not afford to buy.

In 2010, in partnership with a speech therapist from Singapore and physiotherapist from America, a 3 day Medical Clinic was conducted. They helped many villagers who had injuries from falling off motorbikes resulting in locked joints, shoulder and neck ache due to repetitive injuries incurred from carrying heavy loads as well as some children who have difficulty speaking or swallowing. Together they also helped a patient who had TB in his bones to go to the hospital for check-up and treatment.

In 2014, the ITE Nursing students also did a health awareness campaign by conducting blood pressure test, eye sight test, measuring height and weight and advising the villagers and orphanage children about how to take care of their diet and health. The students also taught the girls about the menstrual cycle and sanitation as well as how to screen for breast cancer.

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Children Camps

In 2010, in partnership with YWAM Singapore, a children’s camp was conducted to teach the children in the orphanage about Christmas through art and craft, song and dance and skits. It provided the opportunity for children learn new skills, receive gifts as well as celebrate Christmas.

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