Project Methinkot

Project Methinkot is focussing on improving and rebuilding works at Shree Krishna Lower Secondary School at Methinkot VDC, Kavre District Nepal. Located 30 minutes away from the Bhakunde Besi Bazaar, the school has requested for help for the damaged school. The remaining two collapsed and damaged classroom blocks is a reminder of the powerful earthquake which struck Nepal last year.

Stark reminder of the powerful earthquake and once bustling with life-classroom

We are thankful that Kathmandu and Tribhuvan University students rendered help by building a temporary learning centre out of zinc sheets as well as using the bricks salvaged from the rubble to rebuild a 10 X 12 size 4 classrooms.

Zinc sheet made Temporary Learning Centre next to a classroom block reconstructed using salvaged bricks from the rubble.

September 2016 – We are thankful for YMCA Team from PWC and ITE College East who came to plaster and paint the rooms and students are excited to be moving out of the TLC into the 4 new classrooms.


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December – 2016 NUS School of Engineering (Team Orion) will be also working alongside our team to be building a new classroom up to the brick wall level. This would be the first of the three classroom block we hope to build. Shree Krishna Lower Secondary School has around 160 students from Class 1 to Class 8 and we hope to allow the rest of the students to move into a safe and conducive learning environment with truly the tender loving care (TLC) rather than study in the temporary learning centre for the next few years (TLC).


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Should there be any volunteer groups keen to help in the funding of the rebuilding project, please write to directly for details.